Abstract Submission

Abstract  Submission  Form

Deadline to submit Abstracts is  1st MARCH 2018. Send Abstracts, of between 300-400 words to dave.hill@ieps.org.uk. Please also enter the datails asked for re names, institution/university/ school, city and country etc. Thankyou.

Conference attendees who are not submitting papers can simply register (put n/a in Abstract forms if you are not submitting), but please give the full details of your name, email, university/ chool/ institution, city/ town, country.

Abstract and submission requirements are described below:

​Non-Plenary Papers will be limited to 20 minutes including time for questions, comments, discussion afterwards. Please leave time for this.

Plenary Papers will be of 30 minutes duration including time for questions, comments and discussion afterwards.

​We welcome Individual Papers, symposia,  panels, events.


Abstracts must be sent no later than Thursday 1st MARCH 2018 including Plenary Papers.